Weekly Review: Beau’s Birthday Party!

We started off this week with a Birthday Party! Beauregard turned one on Monday and threw a pool party for our little doggies! The dogs had so much fun splashing around and eating special birthday treats! Beau was even nice enough to bring human cupcakes for our staff.

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Walter slept over this week and added on cuddle-time and story-time. He was so adorable listening to our staff read to him every night. We just ordered comfy bean bag chairs for the dogs to sit on during cuddle time. Walter loved testing out the new chairs!

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We also spent this week redoing our big dog play yard. We installed all new turf throughout the entire play yard. Our big dogs love it! They spent the morning sniffing every inch of the new yard after the turf was installed. We have noticed the dogs love running and racing around on the new turf. It’s soft under little doggie feet and it stays cool in the summer! It’s perfect for rolling around on and wrestling!  Next up we are going to be adding new jungle gym equipment for the dogs to explore!

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