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The place your dog loves to run around and get slobbered on is the best place to get cleaned up! Bring your dog in just to get pampered or let them play before spending time with our groomer.

Regular grooming not only keeps your pup looking and smelling great, it promotes a healthy skin and coat. It can also reduce shedding, prevent and reduce matting, and lead to an overall improvement in health.

Our trained grooming staff is patient and professional. Our high-quality shampoos and grooming products are designed just for dogs. Your pooch will leave smelling great and looking pretty! We offer baths, haircuts and spa services to meet a variety of needs.

New to Dog Day Afternoon? Visit our FAQ page and New Customer page to get started. Then give us a call at 407-835-9200 to begin the enrollment process.

Grooming Service Menu

Prices are based on the size, coat length and overall condition of the coat.

Super Bath Prices

Super Bath

Not just a bath, our Super Baths are a complete package! Schedule one after a day of play or bring your dog in just to get pampered. Includes a a therapeutic, massaging, warm water bath, choice of shampoo, fluff dry, outer ear cleaning, nail trim and bandana.

Spa Services

Upgrade your pup's grooming service with one of our a la carte Spa Services.

Spa Treatment - Add $13

Includes shampoo upgrade, conditioner, teeth brushing, nail filing & optional nail polish

Shed-less Package - Add $10-$20

Reduces shedding as much as 80% if done every 4-6 weeks.

The Works - Add $25

Spa treatment plus facial and trim of pads, feet, and sanitary areas.

Breath Refresh - $10

Includes teeth brushing and minty breath freshener.

Nail clip – $10

For maintenance, we recommend a nail clip every two weeks. To shorten, we recommend a nail clip every week until a healthy length is reached. 

Ear Clean - $10

We use an ear cleaning solution made just for dogs and cotton balls to gently clean the outer ear.

Nail Polish – $8

From Fire Hydrant Red to Poodle Pink our pet-safe nail polish is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your dog's nails.

DeMatting/Extra Brushing – $10 per 15min

Keep your dog's tresses tangle and mat free. Regular coat maintenance at home will help you avoid extra dematting fees at the groomer. If your dog is an overnight guest, we recommend scheduling extra brushing sessions to keep up their coat maintenance during their stay.

Shampoo/Conditioner Upgrade or Flea bath – Add $5

Upgrade your dog's bath or groom with one of our specialty shampoos and/or conditioners. Please speak with our grooming staff to determine the best products for your pet.

Capstar for treatment of fleas – $10

Capstar provides fast-acting and effective flea control. It start working within 30 minutes and is guaranteed to kill almost all adult fleas within 4 hours.

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