COVID-19 Update

As the COVID-19 situation continues to change, we wanted to update you on how our facility is responding, how our team is doing, and provide a few updates to our daily routine.

First, thank you! We’ve had so many positive thoughts, prayers, and acts of kindness expressed to us over the last few weeks, that it’s been overwhelming at times. We’ve always known how amazing our clients are, but we’ve truly seen the best sides of people during these trying times. We’ve had clients donate daycare visits to those who need them most, delivered food to our team, and offer us positive messages of encouragement and love. We appreciate all of it!

As an essential business, Dog Day will remain open during Florida’s Safer-at-Home Order. So many of you are working on the front lines of this situation. We know you are stressed. You are probably tired. You deserve the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is being loved and cared for while you are away at work. We will continue to be there for you and your pup so you can have peace of mind while you work and a tired dog when you go home.

To meet the needs of all the dogs in our care and abide by social distancing guidelines, we will be temporarily be changing some of our policies and services.

1. Please practice social distancing during drop-off and pick-up. You might already be aware that we have installed an “air lock” in our lobby to keep the dogs safely contained and humans safely apart. You can check out our video on Facebook for more information. We also ask you put a card on file for any payments and refrain from using our lobby bathroom for the time being.

2. We will move our “all day play” daycare model to an enrichment daycare model for all dogs. Enrichment utilizes smaller groups of dogs or one-on-one activities with humans, balanced with quality rest time. We will be engaging the dogs in activities such as games, puzzles, basic obedience, good old fashion cuddles and much more. For security reasons, we will be temporarily removing access to our webcams, but we have the option to request a photo report card instead.

3. We will be limiting office hours on weekdays. Our lobby will be open from 6am-10am and 4pm-8pm Monday through Friday. Our weekend office hours will stay the same, we will be open 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm. Please schedule your drop-off and pick-up during these time frames. 

4. Please ensure your dog’s reservations are scheduled ahead of time, and canceled as soon as possible when necessary. If you currently bring your dog on a specific day of the week, please reconfirm these reservations with us each week. 

Thank you again! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the office. Hang in there, we’ll all get through this together!


Anna Waldrop, Owner and

Your Friends at Dog Day Afternoon

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