A Typical Day at Dog Day Afternoon

When your doggie comes in for the day you’ll be greeted by our front office staff. After a quick goodbye lick our staff will take your dog back to play! You can update any notes about your dog with our front office staff as well as add-on ball play, water play, or any of our special add-on services!

8-9 am – Outside Greeting Time

We start our play day outside in one of our four yards. Our yards are fully fenced with two layers of fencing for extra security. Our play yards include artificial turf, grass, large trees for shade, sun loungers, jungle gym equipment for jumping and sliding, and even a bone shaped pool!

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9-11am – Morning Free Play

Our dogs head inside to take a break from the heat of the day. We have four large air conditioned playrooms with a bouncy rubber floor perfect for running, wrestling, and cuddling! While the dogs are playing our trained staff members work on basic obedience such as sit, leave-it and coming when called. This helps exercise our doggie’s brains and keep everyone safe during playtime.

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11 – 1 pm: Lunch and Special Play!

If your doggie is getting a special lunch-time treat or add-on activity they will be pulled out of the play group for their individual play time. We offer individualized water play, ball play, and puzzle play. Our dogs love splashing in the pool and playing with our interactive toys! We also offer special lunchtime treats such as ice-cream and peanut butter stuffed Kongs. These add-on activities are an excellent break from play-time and add even more fun to the day!

Doggies not participating in any one-on-one activities will continue playing in their play group.

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1-5 pm: Afternoon Free play!

Our dogs rotate between our indoor and outdoor play yards throughout the afternoon. They might have a spontaneous pool party or spend the afternoon chasing bubbles. Many of our dogs love to take a nap in the afternoon on one of our outside sun loungers.

5-6:30pm Pick-up

Your dog will be ecstatic to see you after such a fun day! We usually see one last burst of energy as they run back into your arms but most of our dogs fall asleep on the ride home, resting up for another fun day of play soon!

*We also offer all day one-on-one play for dogs who prefer humans over our large group play. Our private care doggies play in their own private yard and enjoy a mix of pool time, ball play, puzzle play, and cuddle time during the day.

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