Enrollment Process

Step 1:

Create a Customer Account

An account gives you access to update your information, request or cancel appointments, view report cards and more! You must have an account with us to be able to schedule an appointment. Make sure to upload your dog's picture to their account - we can't wait to see their cute face!

Step 2:

Provide Your Dog's Immunization Records

We require dogs to be current on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella to use any of our services. A copy of your dog's current immunization records, including rabies certificate, are need before booking any appointments.

Fax: 407-835-9008

Email: info@dogdayafternoon.net 

Or upload your dog's immunization records to your account. 

Step 3:

Schedule a Meet and Greet

Meet and Greets are required before your dog's first stay. They are by appointment only. During the Meet and Greet, we will get to know your dog, show you our facility, and go over any information we need to make sure your dog is safe, happy, and healthy while they are in our care!

To schedule your pup's appointment: 

Call us:  407-835-9200 

Email us: info@dogdayafternoon.net 

Things to know before enrolling your dog:

  • Traveling Pups

    We are currently unable to accept out-of-state clients. Also, please let us know if your dog has traveled out of Florida within the last two weeks before making their appointment.

  • Puppy Play

    Puppies must have all of their adult vaccinations in order to attend services at Dog Day Afternoon.

  • Immunizations

    All guests must be up to date on Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella vaccinations. The CIV vaccine is not required, but we strongly recommend you speak with your vet to determine the best options for your dog. Vaccine titers from your veterinarian are also accepted. 

  • Holiday Boarding

    Boarding for a major holidays fills up quickly. If you are new to Dog Day and looking for holiday boarding, please contact us before registering your pet in case there is a waiting list. 

  • Unspayed Females

    We are unable to accept females while they are in season.