Dog Day is Adding In-Home Pet Sitting!

We know many pet parents are concerned about the dog flu but also have travel plans this summer. We have launched a new in-home pet care service for current customers to help accommodate you and your pet’s needs. The same amazing team that cares for your pup at DDA will be providing these services in your home. All in-home care team members have been though Dog Day’s pack leader training and are trained and current in Pet CPR and First Aid.

Safety is always our number one concern, so not only will trusted and trained team members be caring for your pet, but all team members are bonded and insured. We are utilizing feature-rich software that allows us to offer complimentary features, such as GPS tracking and Visit Report Cards that will send you updates after your pet’s visit has been completed. This is a separate software from Gingr (our daycare and overnight software), so you will need to have a separate account (we can help you with that!).

Before your pet’s first visit, we require a FREE initial consultation. A Team Member will review your pet’s detailed instructions, answer questions, transfer keys or lockbox code, and visit with your pet. You may either give us a set of house keys to keep on file (stored in a locked safe when not in used, without names or addresses) or you may provide a doorknob lock box and code for our team member to use during visits.

All visits are customized based on your pet’s needs and your wishes. For dogs, we recommend 3 visits per day when you are out of town, and require at least 2 visits (with the exception of your departure and arrival dates). For pet’s enjoying a Sleepover Visit, we recommend at least 1 mid-day visit to compliment their care.

You can mix and match visits to meet your pet’s needs  too. Sometimes a longer visit in the morning starts the day off right, or maybe your pet needs some extra time at night. Whatever their schedule, our variety of options should be able to meet their needs. Are we missing anything? Let us know, so we can create the perfect schedule for your pup!

Pricing for Pet Sitting & Dog Walking


Happy Pet Visit: $21*

15-20 Minutes – Great for a quick potty break in the backyard, fresh water change and/or simple medication administration. *Up to 2 pets during the hours of 7am-8pm.

Super Pet Visit: $23*

25-30 Minutes – This visit is a good fit for most pets. It’s enough time for a meal, fresh water change, a short walk, playtime, and/or cuddles. *Up to 2 pets during the hours of 7am-8pm.

Wonder Pet Visit: $35*

55-60 Minutes – This visit is perfect for pets who want extra long walks, cuddles, and playtime with enough time for a meal and fresh water change. *Up to 2 pets during the hours of 7am-8pm.

Early Riser Visit: $25

20-25 Minutes – For pets who want to watch the sun rise! This visit is perfect for an early morning potty break, breakfast and fresh water change. Some extra cuddles too! *Up to 2 pets during the hours of 5am-7am.

Tuck-In Visit: $25*

20-25 Minutes – For pets who want one last potty break or a late night meal before cuddles and bed. *Up to 2 pets during the hours of 8pm-10pm.

Night Owl Visit: $35*

Up to 25 Minutes – For pets who need a middle of the night potty break, medication administered or a midnight snack. Our team member will be there whenever you need, to ensure your pet’s middle of the night routine goes smoothly.*Up to 2 pets during the hours of 10pm-5am. Limited availability.

Sleepover Visit: $75*

~ 9 hours – Let’s have a sleepover! Our team member will arrive around 9pm ready for some cuddles. Dinner, breakfast, medication, walks and backyard potty breaks are included, as well as lots of love and cuddles. *Up to 3 pets during the hours of 9pm-6am. Limited availability.

Visit Add-On: $5

Add an extra 15 minutes to any visit for anything your pet needs.

Extra Pets: $3/Pet/Visit

For families with 3 or more pets. Our team member will stay as long as needed to make sure every pet’s needs are met!

Travel Rates: $0.55/Mile Round Trip

There is a mileage charge for homes 10 or more miles away from Dog Day Afternoon or the nearest team member’s home.

Lock-Out or Key Transfer: $15

We recommend you keep your keys on file with us for future visits or use a doorknob lock box that we can access. If you prefer, we will pick up and/or drop off your keys prior to and after visits for a fee. We are also able to provide lock out services if you ever find yourself locked out of the house.

Home Concierge: FREE

At your request, our team member will provide home services that can include:

  • Collecting Mail
  • Taking out garbage
  • Putting away garbage bins
  • Watering plants
  • Turning lights on/off
  • Other services available upon request

Do you or your pet have a need not listed? Please contact us so that we can customize your pet’s experience!


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